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We are trying to learn as much as we can so we can develop the best product we can to support charities and their supporters.

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About GetFundraising

GetFundraising - customisable fundraising templates

Our concept is to equip your supporters with customisable fundraising templates. So any supporter regardless of skill level can create great looking charity endorsed fundraising materials and print at home.

Our templates also help to raise awareness of your charity by using your correct logo, colours etc and reducing the need for supporters to go and DIY their own materials.

We have built a demo of our prototype you can try by clicking on the button below.

Here are some of the benefits we believe GetFundraising can achieve for your charity
Empower your supporters

Our self-serve templates allow supporters to create professional looking materials that help promote your charity using just a ‘touch of brand’ but at the same time make clear that the activity is not organised by your charity.

Save on fundraising packs

How many fundraising packs do you send out? How much of this pack could be created and downloaded by supporters instead if they just knew where to go? GetFundraising can be the go-to place for all printable fundraising materials therefore reducing the number of packs you need to print, store and post. 

See what your supporters use

Ever wondered what happens when you send out a fundraising pack? Did it all get used? What was written? GetFundraising is designed so that your charity can see not only what templates are being used but how they have been customised.  

Help save the planet
& reduce waste

Allow your supporters to self-serve exactly what they need instead of sending a generic fundraising pack. Not only does this reduce the amount of print waste from unused materials in the pack but also the the charities carbon footprint by reducing the number of packs sent by post. 

Make it easy for supporters to fundraise for you

One of the problems we have found is supporters can’t find fundraising materials to use, so result in DIYing in word. Placing a link straight to GetFundraising from your website makes it easy for people to find and create the materials they need quickly and helps engage supporters.

Bespoke fundraising materials for everyone

Many charities have told us that they often get requests from their supporters for bespoke fundraising materials. Sadly due to resource at the charity a lot of these requests are turned down and sent the generic fundraising pack instead. GetFundraising however allows all your supporters the ability to have bespoke materials using our customisable fundraising templates.

Some of the charities trialling our prototype
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