Christmas Jumper Day Poster Template

Running a Christmas Jumper Day at work, school, church or social clubs is a great way to get into the Christmas spirit, have fun and raise some money for a good cause. To help you promote your Christmas Jumper Day here is a free to use Christmas Jumper Day Poster Template.

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A Christmas Jumper Day is great fun and you can choose for the funds to go to one charity or multiple charities. Alternatively, you might want to advertise it as a ‘Charity Christmas Jumper Day’ where the winner of the best jumper competition gets to pick the charity the funds get donated too. A great way to award the winner

A number of UK charities promote their only version of a Christmas Jumper Day, so if you have a charity in mind you might want to check their website for additional resources.

How can we make Christmas Jumper Day more fun?

As well as running a competition for the best jumper overall, why not award prizes for other categories. E.g The worst Christmas Jumper.

Create a Christmas Stock Game. Put random things into a Christmas Stocking and people take turns to try and guess what it is.

Pin Santa’s hat on his head. Similar to pin the tail on the Donkey.

Ways to increase funds?

As well as people donating to wear a Christmas Jumper, maybe have a cake and mince pie sale. 50p for each and add into the charity pot.

The key to a successful Christmas Jumper Day is making sure everyone knows about it. So click here to create your Christmas Jumper Day Poster.

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