Create a charity Coffee Morning Poster for Free

Create a charity Coffee Morning Poster for Free

Coffee Mornings are a great way to meet people, strengthen a community and raise funds for a good cause. They can also be used to gain support for a bigger charity activity such as a skydive or marathon. You are welcome to use Get Fundraising to create a Charity Coffee Morning Poster for free. Simply click here to get started.

The key ingredients to a successful coffee morning are good organisation and good advertising.

Organizing a Coffee Morning

Here is a simple checklist for organizing a good Coffee Morning.

1. Have a defined purpose for your Coffee Morning. Is it to make a community, meet people, raise funds for a charity, etc.

2. Pick a venue that is easy for people to get to and accessible by people of all abilities.

3. Have a good selection of drinks. Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Cold Drinks, Decaffeinated Coffee, Decaffeinated Tea, Herbal Tea, Water.

4. Have a selection of biscuits, or maybe some homemade cakes. (Make sure you have the ingredients to hand in case any attendees have any allergies. )

5. Have some toys for children to play with as some attendees may bring their children along. A mat with some toys will really help. Keep the mat and toys away from where you are serving drinks.

6. Get some help. Not only will it be more fun if you organise it with a few other people, it also spreads to pressure.

7. Promote it within the local area.

Promote your Charity Coffee Morning

In order to help you promote your Coffee Morning we have created a friendly Coffee Morning Poster template that you are welcome to use.

Use of Free Coffee Morning Poster Template.

  1. Pop a poster on your local community boards, you will typically find these at supermarkets, library’s, community centre’s, leisure centres and the town hall.
  2. Furthermore use social media. Most local areas will have a Facebook Community group, pop a post on there to advertise your coffee morning
  3. Remember to send out an additional message on Social Media on the morning of your Coffee Morning as a reminder to people.

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