Improve your Charity’s Campaign visibility with Stamp.Pics

Improve your Charity's Campaign visibility with Stamp.Pics

It probably won’t surprise you to know that in 2019 we are now posting on average 1.8 billion photos to Facebook, Flickr, SnapChat and WhatsApp every day.

Some of these will be taken by your donor’s, supporters, employees, volunteers, fundraisers and event participants. A photo snapped at an event, at a bake sale, completing a practice run or crossing the finish line and shared across their social networks.

Improve your Charity's Campaign visibility with Stamp.Pics
Fig 1: A charity Mud Run, with a participants partner capturing a photo.

Unfortunately in many scenarios there is very little charity presence in these posts. Possibly a slightly obscured charity logo on a shirt, a text mention in the caption or a banner in the distant background. But what if picture could be stamped with ‘I’m supporting… and the charity logo’ before being shared to their respective social networks. Utilizing the photo to increase the charity brands reach across your supporters network whilst making them feel involved in the digital conversation. That is the core principle of Stamp.Pics.

Fig 2. Taken through Stamp.Pics and shared across the supporters social platforms.

Improve your Charity’s Campaign visibility with Stamp.Pics

Stamp.Pics allows supporters to quickly and easily stamp their pics with the charity logo or hashtag before sharing across their chosen social platforms.

Focused around a hashtag principle, it can be used with a hashtag or charity logo. How many times at an event do you hear or see, get involved in today’s event use #CFMudRun ? This takes a campaign/event hashtag and maximizes it’s visibility through the use of supporter and charity pics. A making your supporters feel more included while reaching their distributed networks.

Designed for ease of use Stamp.Pics can be used on any smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop browser. Just enter Stamp.Pics as the URL choose/enter your charity/hashtag, snap/select a pic and post. It’s as easy as that.

Stamp.Pics is still in development at the moment but aims to provide a great and simple tool to aid maximizing your charities exposure across its supporter base.

If you would like to get involved in trying Stamp.Pics while we work on improving it, get in touch.

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