PTA Fundraising Ideas

PTA Fundraising Ideas

Through our work with charities we have heard of many fundraising ideas that different PTA’s around the countries have come up with. Here are some of our favorite PTA fundraising ideas.

Top 5 PTA Fundraising Ideas

1. Sponsor a Tree/Plant in the School Garden

With recycling and being green high on most school agenda’s, what better way to raise money for the school than to buy a plant or tree for the school garden. Not only will it raise funds, it will also contribute to a better and healthier school environment.

Ask parents to sponsor a plant (£5) or tree (£10) for the school garden. 50% will be used for the cost of the item and 50% will be donated to the school fund. They can then have a little flag naming the plant/tree in the school garden.

2. Auction of Skills

Auction of parents skills for a cost, with the money going to the PTA. One hour electrician service, one hour gardening services, one hour computer training and so on. Help the community grow whilst earning money for the PTA.

3. Sponsored Social Media Boycott

Sponsor children or even parents to boycott all social media for seven days. A digital sponsored silence. A topic very close to most schools hearts and a bit of fun.

4. Affiliate with Local Businesses

Make relationships with local businesses where the business donates a small percentage to the school on purchases made by members of the school community. The business will likely get extra sales and the school will benefit.

5. Auction Items

Ask for donations of items to be auctioned with funds raised going to the PTA. Take the hassle away from donor by listing and auctioning their old items.
These are our top PTA Fundraising Ideas for 2019. Please feel free to share yours in the comments box below.

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