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Understanding your DIY Community Fundraisers

During the second half of 2019 we embarked on a research study to understand the DIY Community Fundraisers out there in the UK. By DIY Community Fundraisers, we mean individuals who organise community activities ‘in aid of’ a charity, but are not employed by the charity.

In total we surveyed over 150 people who were fundraising at the point they were asked to complete a survey. Each individual was asked to complete one of three different surveys with slightly different questions.

Below is a very small snippet of what we learnt from our in depth study into their behaviour around Fundraising Packs and their main touch-point with their chosen charity.

“If you were thinking about undertaking some Fundraising, where would you begin?”

Visit the charity website – 38%
DIY Community Fundraising

“When would you order a fundraising pack?”

After deciding what activity I want to do – 78%
DIY Community Fundraising

How would you prefer to receive your fundraising pack?

By Post – 55%
DIY Community Fundraisers

What is your regular touch point with your charity?

I visit their website – 30%
DIY Community Fundraisers

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