What is DIY Community Fundraising?

DIY Community Fundraising (also referred to as Supporter Led Fundraising) is fundraising that is organised by a supporter who is not acting on behalf of the charity but acting on their own initiative to raise funds for their chosen charity.

Typically an event or an activity organised by a DIY Community Fundraiser will carry the words ‘in aid of’ above the charity logo on marketing and promotional material. This is designed to make clear that although the funds are being raised for the particular charity, the event/activity has not been organised by the charity. Although it is best practice that promotional materials for DIY Community Fundraisers states ‘in aid of’, many are not aware of this and will simply use the charities main logo.

Sometimes you will see the phrase ‘on behalf of’, this is when individual volunteers or volunteering groups have organised an event that the charity has asked them directly to do on their behalf. This has different legal implications for both the volunteer and the charity.

Types of DIY Community Fundraising Events

The list of DIY Community Fundraising events is endless and ever growing. Below is a list of the ten most popular.

  • Coffee Morning’s
  • Cake and Bake Sales
  • Pub Quiz’s
  • Christmas Jumper Day’s
  • PJ/Onsie Day’s
  • Craft Fayre’s
  • Christmas Fayre’s
  • Jumble/Car Boot Sales
  • Fashion Shows
  • Dog Shows

DIY Community Fundraising offers an additional and vital source of income to any charity. As well as bringing in financial returns it also aids in raising further awareness of the charity and its cause.

For more information on DIY Community Fundraising please refer to:
Institute of Fundraising
Fundraising Regulator

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